Meet the boys, young adults and old men of RSS preparing for 2019 elections in Jhabua
Published by NewsLaundry on May 9, 2019

In Run up to 2019, NSA Is the Latest Weapon Against Muslims in UP
Published by The Wire on September 10, 2018

For Haryana Police, the Holy Cow Is an Excuse for Extra-Judicial Killings
I met families of 16 people who lost their lives in extra-judicial killings by the police on the suspicion of smuggling cows in the Mewat region of Haryana.
Published by on May 10. 2018

Justice Denied: A Road Accident That Wasn't, a Lynching That Was
The Haryana police covered up the August 2013 murder of three young men by a mob of cow vigilantes. Five years on, the sole survivor is a wreck but the families of the murdered men still want justice.
Published by on April 12, 2018

A Chronicle of the Crime Fiction That is Adityanath's Encounter Raj
In the last ten months, UP police has conducted four police encounters per day. The Wire met families of 14 people who were killed in these encounters by the police.
Published by on February 24, 2018

Operation #BetiUthao
The Sangh’s Stolen Child Crusade: How the parivar flouted every law on children to traffic 31 young tribal girls from Assam to Punjab and Gujarat to ‘Hinduise’ them. And how it leaves their parents forlorn.
Published by Outlook magazine on July 29, 2016

One Last Phone Call from Izhar Khan
How a young man from Lucknow was killed in a fake encounter in Telangana

Exposing Love Jehad
In an exclusive meeting, the victim of ‘love jehad’ from Meerut in North India confesses how she loved and how it was used to create religious divides in India
Published by Al Jazeera on October 14, 2014

Thread Bared
How close to 19 women were raped and sodomised inside the compound of Billu Pradhan, the sarpanch of Lakh Bawdi village in Shamli district when communal riots broke out in Muzaffarnagar and adjoining districts in Western Uttar Pradesh. Neha Dixit reports

Lost Children of the Prophet
Madrassas are the cornerpiece of Muslim community life. In a disturbing twist, some of them are being used as transit shelters for child trafficking. Or worse, doubling up as sweatshops themselves. NEHA DIXIT reports

A Taliban of Our Very Own
Murder, rape and exile are routine punishments for these parallel ‘Parliaments’. NEHA DIXIT tracks Khap panchayats across north India.

The Nowhere Children
Human trafficking is the third largest illicit industry after arms and drugs. Neha Dixit went undercover to meet the traffickers and the young victims sold by their own families to pimps and placement agents

Mining continues despite a Supreme Court ban. NEHA DIXIT goes undercover to find out who is doing it, and why they are getting away with it

A Nation's Fatal Ingratitude
6,000 Indian soldiers fight in the minus 50 degree bitter cold of the Siachen Glacier. A callous Ministry of Defence is now giving them flimsy gear that’s fit only for minus 10 degrees, finds NEHA DIXIT

Child Warriors of Red India (Video)
Neha Dixit reports undercover from the Maoist training camps and records on spycam how young children between the age of 6-16 are trained to fight the state.

Feasting on Dead Farmers (Video)
Neha Dixit exposes how families of debt ridden BPL farmers who have committed suicide are forced to pay bribes by officials for post mortem reports, death certificates and compensation.
Read Mail Today story Impact NHRC notice

Cover up Most Foul: Shehla Masood case (Video)
RTI activist Shehla Masood was murdered in broad daylight in front of her house. Neha Dixit finds key eyewitness who saw two men on a bike near Shehla's car on the fateful day. The story exposes how the autopsy was botched up, how the local police and government officials destroyed the evidence, how the investigation was manipulated. Read Watch Debate Impact

India's Killer Eye Camps (Video)
An expose on how government officials bought near expiry medicines for free eye camps in Chhattisgarh causing the death of 4 and loss of eyesight of 75 people. Doctors operated upon atleast 350 a day when the specified limit is 75 people to meet targets. Neha Dixit reports Read

Deathly Drug Trials Unmasked (Video)
Neha Dixit travels to Indore to expose how the government doctors converted patients into guinea pigs for promotions and money. How patients were duped into volunteering for the trials and then left to rot and die. Read Watch Debate Impact

NCW Chief Scuttled the Aarushi Murder Probe (Video)
Neha Dixit finds out how former NCW chief Girija Vyas forced a hurried probe in the case. How the NCW report, with damning evidence, was held back. Read

Honour Killers in Uniform (Video)
An expose on how cops in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are not just advocating honour killings but are even ready to break the law by killing the couples. Read

Sand Mafias Loot Yamuna in Broad Daylight (Video)
Despite HC ban, Mafias using mechanical earth diggers and caravans of trucks are lifting sand from the banks of river Yamuna illegally. Neha Dixit reports


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